ROHP-PAZ is a mission of opportunity: The Spanish Earth Observation PAZ satellite, planned to be launched in 2013, was initially designed to carry a Synthetic Radar Aperture (SAR) as primary and sole payload. It included an IGOR+ advanced Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver for precise orbit determination. The design of this particular GNSS receiver allows the tracking of occulting signals, that is, signals transmitted by navigation satellites setting below the horizon of the Earth (or rising above it). The Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation (MICINN) approved a proposal aimed to modify the original plans of PAZ, by including a polarimetric GNSS Radio-Occultation (RO) payload. This means to enable the radio occultation capabilities of IGOR+, together with the acquisition and installation of a GNSS antenna oriented towards the limb of the Earth.

Video explicativo del proyecto.
3d, montaje y composición: Coni Docolomansky
Cámara: Román Pons
Guión: Estel Cardellach, investigador principal del proyecto ROHP-PAZ